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Diamond Bar High School Theatre is a comprehensive standards based program that exposes students to all aspects of theatre and provides opportunities for students to pursue in-depth theatre studies in musical theatre, acting, directing,  playwriting, improvisation, and theatrical design. Students have the opportunity to audition to perform in over 6 shows a year. These include two main stage shows a year (Fall Play and Spring Musical), as well as student-run productions (Winter Musical, Winter Showcase, Children’s Theatre, Spring Showcase), and monthly Cabaret shows. Intermediate and Advanced Drama students participate and compete in theatre festivals during the year, see live shows, as well as participate in the Disney Performing Arts Workshop. Advanced Theatre Production students get hands on real world experience through workshops, after-school classes, and the ability to join the production crew as makeup, costume, and prop crew members. Whether they want to work towards admission to a college theatre program or just want to have fun while increasing their confidence and presentation skills, students are supported throughout the program expert coaches in musical theatre, acting, improv, and theatrical design. 



Mr. Jared Kaitz

Drama Director/Teacher


Jasmine Chen



Lakota Willis


Jenna (1).jpg

Jenna Liggett



Ella Davies



Connor O'Brien

Publicity & Outreach Leader


Rae Martinez


Emily Wang

Co-Art Director

Tiara Ayala

Co-Art Director


Kaitlyn Shuffer

Social Media Manager

Sydney Applebaum

Special Events Team

Dionnah Garcia

Intermediate Drama Leader

Bianca (1).JPG

Bianca Hurtado

Special Events Team

Hailee Herrera

Special Events Team


*2024 JRAY Awards ("Wonderland") 
- Best Costumes Nominee
- Best Hair/Makeup Nominee
- Best Lighting Nominee (Lex Maston)
- Student Stage Manager of the Year Nominee (Emily Wang)
- Best Props Nominee
- Best Set/Scenic Design Nominee (Stagecraft)
- Best Graphic/Media Design Nominee
- Student Orchestra of the Year Nominee (Mr. Acciani)
- Musical/Vocal Director of the Year Nominee (Mr. Stevens & Mr. Langham)
- Choreographer of the Year Nominee (Ms. Jen)
- Director of the Year Nominee (Mr. Kaitz)
- Stellar Moment "Off With Their Heads" Nominee
- Comic Standout in a Male Role Nominee (Kaylee Motus)
- Comic Standout in a Female Role Nominee (Jovani Suviate)
- Supporting Actor in a Female Role Nominee (Eden Lakey-Wright)
- Supporting Actor in a Male Role Nominee (Angelina Tesoro)
- Lead Actor in a Male Comedic Role Nominee (Joshua Padilla)
- Lead
 Actor in a Female Dramatic Role Nominee (Rae Martinez)
- Ensemble of the Year Nominee
- Musical Comedy of the Year - Lead
 Actor in a Male Comedic Role Nominee (Joshua Padilla)
- Tim Macdougall Vocal Scholarship Nominees (Harrison James, Rae Martinez, & Sophie Morookian)
- Broadway Artist Alliance (BAA) Nominees (Eden Lakey-Wright, Joshua Padilla, & Jovani Suviate)

*2024 Jerry Herman Awards ("Wonderland") 
- Best Orchestra Nominee
- Best Lighting Nominee 
*2023 Jerry Herman Awards ("Disney's Frozen: The Broadway Musical") 
​    - Best Costume 
Design (Winner!)
    - Best Production Nominee (Top 6 of 33 Schools!)

    - Best Orchestra Nominee (Top 6 of 33 Schools!)
    - Best Scenic Design Nominee (Top 6 of 33 Schools!)
*2023 JRAY Awards ("Disney's Frozen: The Broadway Musical")
     - Musical Comedy of the Year (Winner!)
     - Best Lead Actor in a Female Comedic Role - Aeron McCoy 
     - Best Costumes (Winner!)
     - Best Hair/Makeup (Winner!)
     - Michelle Leighton Scholarship - Tara Chu (Winner!)
     - A Day in the Studio with Scott Erickson - Tara Chu (Winner!)
     - JRAY & Open Dawes Scenic Apprenticeship - Vera Wang (Winner!)
     - Lead Actor In a Female Dramatic Role Nominee - Eden Wright
     - Lead Actor In a Male Comedic Role Nominee - Brandon Kim
     - Supporting Actor In a Male Role Nominee - Joshua Padilla
     - Supporting Actor In a Female Role Nominee - Sophia Tian
     - Featured Actor In a Male Role Nominee - Daniel Illingworth
     - Comedienne of the Year Nominee - Alexis Chisholm
     - Ensemble of the Year Nominee
     - Director of the Year Nominee 
     - Music Director of the Year Nominee
     - Showstopper Award Nominee - "The Whiteout/Freeze the Heart"

     - Stage Manager of the Year Nominee - Alex Teng
     - Student Orchestra of the Year Nominee
     - Best Sets/Scenic Design Nominee
     - Best Lighting Nominee - Lex Maston

*2022-2023 United States of Frozen:
     - California Representative for US of Frozen! (Winner!)
*2022 Spirit of The MACY Awards ("Anastasia the Musical"):
     - Spirit of The MACY Award (Best Overall Production) (Winner!)
     - Best Actor/Best Male Vocalist Nominee - Gavin Prudencio 
     - Best Actress/Best Female Vocalist Nominee - Aeron McCoy
     - Scholarship - Gavin Prudencio 
     - Highest Achievement  - Aeron McCoy, Gavin Prudencio, Sarai Garcia, & Sydney Tagarao (Winner!)
     - Outstanding Achievement - Brandon Kim (Winner!)
     - Achievement - Christian Bongcaras & Reese Mawhorter (Winner!)
     - Bright Spot Award - Elyse Wong, Jillian Whitson, Keira Murry, & Olivia James (Winner!)
*2022 JRAY Awards ("Anastasia the Musical"):
     - Broadway Artist Alliance Actor of the Year - Gavin Prudencio 
     - Best Lead Actor in a Male Dramatic Role - Gavin Prudencio (Winner!)
     - Michelle Leighton Memorial Scholarship - Antonia Yang (Winner!)
     - Matthew J Schwartz Memorial Scholarship - Eric Wyrick (Winner!)
     - Above and Beyond Award - Sarai Garcia (Winner!)
     - Student Orchestra of the Year (Winner!)
     - Best Media/Publicity Nominee - Lucy Zheng
     - Best Audio/Sound Nominee - Ryan Lui & Tara Chu
​     - Best Lighting Nominee - Lex Maston & Hannah Zhao
     - Best Scenic Design Nominee 
     - Best Costume Design Nominee
     - Best Hair/Makeup Design Nominee
     - Best Stage Crew/Technical Execution Nominee
     - Student Stage Manager of the Year Nominee - Antonia Yang
     - Outstanding Ensemble Member in a Drama Nominee - Mae Pacis
     - Student Orchestra of the Year Nominee
Outstanding Female Vocalist Nominee - Sydney Tagarao
     - Supporting Actor of the Year Nominee - Brandon Kim
     - Best Lead Actor in a Female Role Nominee - Eden Wright
     - Best Lead Actor in a Male Role Nominee - Gavin Prudencio
     - Musical Director of the Year Nominee
     - Director of the Year Nominee
     - Musical (Drama) of the Year Nominee

*2021 Spirit of The MACY Awards ("The Wedding Singer"):
     - Merit Scholarship Recipients - Alyssa Guerra & Allison Santogrossi (Winner!)
     - Highest Achievement - Alyssa Guerra (Winner!)

     - Outstanding Achievement - Pailey Kao & Gavin Prudencio (Winner!)
     - Achievement - Andrew Avila, Allison Santogrossi, Diego Tamayo, & Eden Wright (Winner!)
     - Special Recognition - Ana Barradas & Jillian Swartout (Winner!)
     - Bright Spot - Enoch Can & Olivia James (Winner!)
     - Best "Movie Musical" Nominee
Helpful SoCal Honda:
     - Helpful SoCal Honda Outstanding Educator Award with $5,000 Donation!
*2021 Fullerton Theatre Festival (Virtual):
     - 2nd Place Graphic Design - Kayla Lam
​     - 3rd Place Makeup Design - Amanda Esparza
     - Top 18 Musical Theatre Finalist - Eden Wright
*2019 Fullerton Theatre Festival:
     - Theatre Games Finalist - The Backup Plan
*2018 Spirit of The MACY Awards ("The Little Mermaid"):     
     - Best Comedienne - Amelia Anijielo
     - Best Actress Nominee - Amelia Anijielo
     - Highest Achievement - Amelia Anijielo, Pilar Alcazar, Luke Teerling, Katelyn Contreras, & Mary  
     - Outstanding Achievement - Timothy Bae, Grace Thomas, Diego Tamayo, KT Wirth & Michael Hosea
- Achievement - Jeremiah Reyes, Ann Ji Noh, Niamh Veloso, Anna Lin, Emily Wang, Isabel Tuason, &
       Allison Santogrossi

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