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                                                          The Diamond Bar High School Performing Arts                                                                  Department is proud to present the years spring musical,                                                          "The Phantom of the Opera." We are excited to be                                                                    among one of the first high schools in the area                                                                          to produce this spectacular show.

                                                           "The Phantom of the Opera" tells the story of a                                                                  masked figure that lurks beneath the catacombs of the                                                              Paris Opera House, exercising a reign of terror over all                                                            who inhabit it. He falls madly in love with an innocent                                                            young soprano, Christine, and devotes himself to                                                                      creating a new star by nurturing her extraordinary

                                                     talent. With all its special effects and hauntingly

                                                     beautiful music, The Phantom of the Opera is, at its

                                                     heart, a story of redemption. The naïve and vulnerable                                                              Christine is a powerful character foil to the all-seeing, domineering Phantom. And while The Phantom takes advantage of a girl still grieving the loss of her father, his actions speak to our human need to belong to someone in a loving relationship. Employing devious and fiendish methods to get his way, The Phantom excuses himself by saying that no one has shown compassion to him. Christine correctly recognizes that the Phantom’s distortion is not because of his disfigured face but rather because of his disfigured soul. When pressed to make a decision to save herself or save her fiancée, Raoul, Christine chooses to show The Phantom unconditional love through her kiss. With the transformation of The Phantom’s soul, The Phantom of the Opera becomes a beautiful, haunting tale of obsession, unrequited love and redemption.

        Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical version of The Phantom of the Opera is one of the most popular, most seen musicals ever and is now the longest-running musical in Broadway history. It is estimated that The Phantom of the Opera has been seen by more than 100 million people worldwide having been played in no fewer than 14 languages. The show has won over 50 major theatre awards.

Production Crew


Director/Producer/Set Designer:

Mr. Jared Kaitz

Student Directors:

Amanda Esparza & Tanisha Dutta 


Mr. Jacob Kaitz

Asst. T.D./Stagecraft Instructor:

Jenna Riley

Stage Manager:


Assistant Stage Managers:

 Kayla Lam & Vera Wang


Mrs. Kari Simonson

Music Director:

Robert Ramirez

Orchestra Director:

Mr. Steve Acciani

Costume Designer: 

Mr. Jared Kaitz

Costume Build Crew: 

Camille Jackson, Rebecca Leung, Mikayla Nance, Jessica Pan, Jillian Scurlock,  Lindsey Simmons,

Kt Wirth, & Jolynn Zhang

Makeup/Hair Crew:

Mason Fox, Judy Han,

 & Kylee Sanchez


Phantom: Lawrence Wu

Christine Daae: Allison Santogrossi & Jillian Swartout 


Raoul de Changy: Gavin Prudencio


Carlotta Giudicelli: Grace Thomas & Alyssa Guerra


Madame Giry: TBD


Meg Giry: Alyssa Guerra & Noelle Holmes


Ubaldo Piangi: Diego Tamayo


Monsieur Andre: Christian Bongcaras


Monsieur Firmin: TBD


Monsieur Reyer, u/s Monsieur Andre: Spencer Song

FOP Quartet #1, u/s Phantom: Christopher Mendoza


FOP Quartet #2, u/s Ubaldo Piangi: Andrew Avila

Auctioneer/Ensemble: TBD

Monsieur LeFevre/Ensemble: Brandon Kim

Fireman/Ensemble: TBD


Passarino/Ensemble: TBD

Marksman/Ensemble, u/s Don Attillo: Nevin Joya


Joseph Buquet/Ensemble: Reese Mawhorter


Don Attillo/Ensemble, u/s Raoul: TBD

Soldier/Ensemble: Enoch Cai


Confidante #2 2/Ensemble, u/s Carlotta Giudicelli: TBD


Confidante #1/Wardrobe Mistress/Ensemble, u/s Madame GiryOlivia James


Hair Mistress/Ensemble: Aunicca Dionisio


Makeup Mistress/Ensemble, u/s Monsieur Firmin:  TBD


Madame Andre/Ensemble: TBD

Madame Firmin/Ensemble: Sude Buyuktazeler


F.8 (Actress #6/Ensemble): Vivian Li


Ballet Girl #1/Ensemble, u/s Meg GiryNoelle Holmes


Ballet Girl #2/Ensemble: Gabriela Jones


Ballet Girl #3/Ensemble: Pailey Kao


Ballet Girl 4/Ensemble: Kylie Nguuyen


Ballet Girl #5/Ensemble: TBD


Ballet Girl #6/Ensemble: Melissa Ribeiro

Actress #1/Bride/Ensemble: Ella Ventura

Actress #2/Ensemble: Michelle Chen

Actress #3/Ensemble: TBD

Actress #4/Ensemble: Julia Tabujara

Actress #5/EnsembleVivian Li

Actress #6/Ensemble: Jocelyn Hwang

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