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Audition Contract:

Production Crew Application (TBD):

Fall Play - "The House on Haunted Hill"
Audition:  Tuesday, August 13th @ 3:45pm
Callbacks by Invitation Only:  Wednesday, August 14th @ 3:45pm
Cast Announced:  Friday, August 16th
Performance: 10/25 @ 7pm, 10/26 @ 7pm, 11/1 @ 7pm, 11/2 @ 7pm
First Rehearsal:  Monday, August 19th
Rehearsals:  Monday thru Thursday, 3:40pm-6:10pm
Rehearsal schedule will be posted every Friday for the following week.
Make sure to bring all conflicts to auditions!

1. Complete the Audition Form by Tuesday, August 13th @ 3:30pm.
2. Prepare ONE MONOLOGUE from the audition material folder.
3. Complete and turn in an Audition Contract at your audition.
4. Attend the AUDITION. There will be a sign-up genius emailed out a few days before auditions. Students will go in one at a time to audition. Auditions will go quickly, so please be there by right after school! Bring your rehearsal/performance conflicts. 
5. If a callback is needed, you will be contacted by 8pm on August 14th.
6. The cast and crew will be announced Friday, August 16th.
First rehearsal is August 19th.

Character Descriptions-

FREDERICK LOREN (Male-identifying Role) - 50s, Debonair. Wealthy. The line (and death) of the party The millionaire host of the party. Devilishly charming, but seething with jealousy and mistrust barely contained behind a thin layer of showmanship and dry gallows humor.


ANNABELLE LOREN (Female-identifying Role) - 40, Sleek. Opinionated. Frederick Loren’s beautiful fourth wife, Annabelle is as deceitful as she is lustful. She's grown tired of her husband's jealous nature, and is now playing a very dangerous game. 


NINA MEERS (Female-identifyng Role) - 20s. Mousy and timid. Innocent and naive. A guest at the party begin thrown at The House on Haunted Hill


LANCE SCHROEDER/YOUNG MAN (Male-identifying Role) - 20s. The handsome, all-American daredevil test pilot. He’s a self-made hero and very sure of himself. Womanizer.


DR. DAVID TRENT (Male-identifying Role) - 40s. Keenly intelligent with an air of superiority. A psychiatrist with a keen interest in hysteria. He is a rational man of science. He's clinically detached, but may be all too ready to make anything and everything about his field of expertise. He also plays a very dangerous game.


WATSON PRITCHARD (Any Gender Identity to play Male) - 30s-40s. Moody. Aloof with sense of humor. The current owner of the house. He is a short, nervous, sweaty man. He knows the whole gruesome history of the house. Unfortunately for everyone present, he keeps talking about it. He also drinks to excess.


RUTH BRIDGES (Female-identifying Role) 40s. An older socialite and former newspaper columnist who is given to vices such as drinking and gambling. When things are quiet, she returns to her private hell.


CASSIDY BOWMAN (Female-identifying Role) - 20s. Warm disposition and kind eyes. Mr. Lauren's assistant and guest at the party begin thrown at The House on Haunted Hill


REBECCA VALIFAX/THE BRIDE (Female-identifying Role) - Ageless. The Madam of the House


LOUIS SLIDES/BYRON VALIFAX (Any gender-identity to play Male) - Older…The Caretaker of the house. Large and menacing, walks with a link.


ELEANOR SLIDES/YOUNG WOMAN (Female-identifying Role) - Older…The Caretakers Wife. Old and haggard, walks with a limp.

DBHS Theatre is committed to diversity and strives to engage in a policy of equal opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, we encourage students of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to audition.

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