Get A Clue: A Murder Mystery Experience

Audition Videos &  Contracts MUST be uploaded to the Google Drive Folder by Monday, August 17th at 3:00pm.

Callbacks are Tentative and by Invitation Only:

Tuesday, August 18th at 3:00pm

Cast/Crew will be announced on

Wednesday, August 19th by 3:00pm.

Fill out the audition form here by Saturday, August 15th:

Upload your audition videos

& contract here by

Monday, August 17th at 3:00pm:

Audition Criteria

**Auditions for the Fall Play are only open to currently enrolled drama students.**

Auditions will be Virtual through video submissions.

Students must upload the audition videos and signed audition contracts

to the Google Drive Folder assigned to them.

For the initial audition, please download the audition packet and

record the scenes/monologues listed for all of the characters you are interest in. 


Memorization is recommended, but not required.


If you are going for multiple roles, make sure to record the material for each character.


On the audition form, you will list all the roles you want to be considered for.


Please bring your rehearsal conflicts (other commitments that may conflict) to auditions!

Rehearsal Schedule

Typical Rehearsal Schedule is M-Th, 3:00pm - 6:00pm

Rehearsals will begin on Thursday, August 20th.

All performers are required to attend all rehearsals they are called for.

Performers will be notified of the following weeks schedule every Friday.

Tech/Dress Rehearsals the week of the show will be extended to 7:00pm.


October  -  TBD

Live  or Pre-recorded Stream


Character Breakdowns

Alfred/Astrid - Any gender-identity, A traditional British Butler; uptight, formal (LEAD)

Vylette - Female-identifying, French Maid with her own secret aspirations (LEAD)

Colonel Dijan - Male-identifying, A pompous & dense country military man (LEAD)

Professor Magenta -  Any gender-identity to play Male, A stuck-up academic (LEAD)

Mr. Emerald - Male-identifying, A timid, rule follower who is a klutz and anxious (LEAD)

Miss Rose - Female-identifying, A dry, sardonic, rich Hollywood Actress (LEAD)

Mrs. Cerulean - Female-identifying, Gossip columnist, batty, neurotic, and hysterical (LEAD)

Mrs. Frost - Female-identifying, Morbid woman with 5 ex-husbands, she may have killed. (LEAD)

Ms. Marigold, R.N. - Female-identifying, Nurse, always running late, skeptical (LEAD)

Lady Raven - Female-identifying, cooky fortune teller (LEAD)

Supporting Role #1:

Gwendolyn - Female-identifying, Threatening cook

    Officer Fuzz -  a “regular Joe” type cop

         Cop #1- police officer who saves the day

Supporting Role #2: 

Mr. Cadavere - Any gender-identity to play Male, James bond type persona 

​Brad - Any gender-identity to play Male, naive new husband

 Cop #2 - police officer who saves the day

Supporting Role #3:

Janet - Female-identifying, naive new bride

Carmelita - Female-identifying, perky singing-tap dancer

Cop #3 - police officer who saves the day

Production Jobs that will be available for this show:

- Assistant Director 

- Stage Manager

- Virtual Set Designer

*Due to the Virtual Nature of the show, there will be no costume,

prop, makeup, or hair crew positions available*

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