Spring Musical Auditions


Production Job Application
Must complete by Friday, December 3rd


Spring Musical Auditions


Anastasia Dance Audition: December 6th (3pm-6:00pm)


Anastasia Vocal Audition: December 7th (3pm-6:00pm)


Callbacks by Invitation Only: December 8th (3pm-6:00pm)

Cast Announced: December 16th

First Rehearsal: January TBD

Rehearsals: M-Th, 3-6pm

Show Dates: April 22-30, 2022

Rehearsal schedule will be posted every Friday for the following week.
Make sure to bring all conflicts to auditions!

1. Complete the Audition Form by Friday, December 3rd.
2. Prepare the appropriate audition material found in the "audition material" google doc. Each individual auditioning should prepare one song from the audition material.
3. Complete/Sign the Audition Contract to bring to your audition.
4. Attend the DANCE AUDITION on Monday December 6th from 3-6pm.

5.Attend the VOCAL AUDITION on Tuesday, December 7th from 3-6pm.There will be a sign-up sheet at 3:00pm for the audition order, first-come first-serve. Students will go in one at a time to audition. Auditions will go quickly, so please be there by right after school!

Bring your rehearsal/performance conflicts. 
5. If a callback is needed, you will be contacted on the evening of Tuesday, December 7th about callbacks on Wednesday, December 8th.
6. The cast and crew will be announced on December 16th after school.
7. First rehearsal is in January (TBD). 




Character Descriptions

ANYA: (Female-identifying character) When we first meet Anya she is a lost soul but with great strength, pride, determination, and dignity; as the story progresses, she begins to discover her sense of self and the possibility that she may be the missing daughter of Tsar Nicholas; not looking for a fairy tale princess; when Anya is transformed into the beautiful Anastasia it should have the same effect and surprise as Eliza Doolittle entering the ball
Vocal Part: Soprano with belt range Vocal Range: A3-Eb4 


DOWAGER EMPRESS: (Female-identifying character)  The formidable and imperious grandmother of Anastasia; Anastasia is her favorite grandchild and she loves her with all her heart; she never truly gives up the belief that her granddaughter might be alive, but finally after years of enduring Anastasia pretenders she becomes hardened and bitter; it is only when she meets Anya that her old spirit begins to return; even when she knows that Anya may not be Anastasia, she realizes that we all need our dreams and we need the truth; actress must have elegance, beauty, and a regal bearing

Vocal Part: alto or actress who is very comfortable with singing Vocal Range: F3-Bb4 

DMITRY: (Male-identifying character) An opportunist trying to make it on the streets of Russia by selling stolen objects from the Tsarist past; he is the prince of St. Petersburg's black market; he creates the scheme to find an Anastasia impersonator in order to gain the reward for her safe return; he is smooth, persuasive, and a real operator; must have a sense of danger, edginess, and charisma; not a typical romantic leading man, although he and Anya eventually fall in love
Vocal Part: Baritenor Vocal Range: A2-G4 (A4) 


VLAD POPOV: (Male-identifying character) Before the revolution Vlad was a minor functionary at the imperial court; he is Dmitry's right-hand man and because of his romantic relationship with Lily he arranges a meeting between Anya and the Dowager Empress; actor must have wit, style, and be a character comedian with panache Vocal Part: baritone Vocal Range: A2-F4 


GLEB: (Male-identifying character) A member of the Chekist secret police; a zealot with tremendous intensity and a dangerous desirability; as the play progresses, we see him rise in power and position within the political party; he is in love with Anya but would not be above killing her if necessary
Vocal Part: baritenor Vocal Range: A2-Gb4 


COUNTESS LILY MALEVSKY-MALEVITCH: (Female-identifying character) The voluptuous confidante/lady-in-waiting to the Dowager Empress. She’s delightful when she’s not with the Dowager but also compassionate, respectful, and good at her job. She doesn’t take her romantic relationship with Vlad too seriously. Must be a juicy character comedienne with strong physicality Vocal Part: Mezzo Soprano with comic belt. 

YOUNG ANASTASIA(Female-identifying
character) the daughter of the Tsar of Russia; a sweet and impressionable young princess; beautiful soprano voice.

TEEN ANASTASIA: (Female-identifying
character) the daughter of the Tsar of Russia; a sweet and impressionable young princess; Some dancing skills


ALEXEI ROMANOV (Any Gender Identity to play young boy); the son and heir of the Tsar; high-spirited and loved by all; afflicted with hemophilia, a beautiful fair-haired child with an unchanged voice.


TSARINA ALEXANDRA:  (Female-identifying character) A stern mother. Very devout, brittle, paranoid about the collapsing regime and grief-stricken about the health of her son, Uncomfortable around her mother-in-law.


TSAR NICHOLAS II: (Male- Identifying character) The loving father. Elegant. He tries to keep the peace between his mother, the Dowager Empress, and the Tsarina. As his youngest daughter grows into a young woman, he protects and guides her.


TATIANA ROMANOV: (Female-identifying character) Anastasia’s Sister,  Strong dancing skills a plus


OLGA ROMANOV:  (Female-identifying character) Anastasia’s Sister,  Strong dancing skills a plus


MARIA ROMANOV:  (Female-identifying character) Anastasia’s Sister,  Strong dancing skills a plus


GORLINSKY: (Any Gender Identity to play male) the head general of the Bolsheviks 


COUNT IPOLITOV: (Any Gender Identity to play male) A dignified White Russian and intellectual, grief stricken about leaving his homeland. Authoritative and formidable. Solost “Stay I Pray You”


COUNT LEOPOLD:  (Any Gender Identity to play male) He’s one of the presumptive Romanov heirs; a snob; a bit of a fop.


MARFA: (Female-identifying character)  Russian woman who auditions to be Anastsia & also turns in Anya & Dmitry (Small feature)


PAULINA: (Female-identifying character)  Russian woman who auditions to be Anastsia & also turns in Anya & Dmitry (Small feature)


DUNYA: (Female-identifying character)  Russian woman who auditions to be Anastsia & also turns in Anya & Dmitry (Small feature)


SERGEI: (Any gender identity)  Young russian Doorman


COUNT GREGORY:  (Any Gender Identity to play male) Aristocrat


COUNTESS GREGORY: (Female-identifying)  Aristocrat




ENSEMBLE - (All gender identities) Plays Russian Citizens, reporters, Aristocrats, Paris Citizens,etc...


DBHS Theatre is committed to diversity and strives to engage in a policy of equal opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, we encourage students of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to audition.